Blogging for SIS 280 – Prof. Michael Schroeder

Blogs have become a common tool for communicating ideas and analyzing developments in global governance. Further, many organizations have increasingly asked staff or recruited analysts to write blog posts to enhance the organization’s social media presence, engage others in the field, highlight important developments and explain its work to important constituencies.

In this class, you must write four blog posts and at least three comments over the course of the semester. Each blog post should be 400-600 words and comments ~150 words. Each blog entry should be posted to the relevant topic on the blog. Students must also post at least once during the first, second and third part of this class.
A post should succinctly answer one or more of the discussion questions listed for the following class, at least partially by referencing the relevant readings for that topic.

The onus is on you to keep track of your blog posts and comments throughout the semester. Each blog post or comment that you post throughout the semester should be added to a separate Word document so that this document may be submitted electronically as a portfolio by November 27. Your final blog portfolio must include a compilation of all of your blog posts and comments, and for each post a link to the page on which it was posted and the date published.

You will have until 11:00am the day of class to submit a blog post. Late submissions will not be counted. For example, a post on the topic: Critical Views of International Institutions (Thursday, September 18) MUST be posted by 11am on Thursday, September 18. You will lose 2 points from your final portfolio grade for every blog post that is late.

A comment on a blog post must be posted either before the class or within 36 hours after the class to motivate a timely discussion. Students may comment on their own blog post only in response to a comment made by another student.

Grades will be assigned based on the completion and quality of posts.

Please remember that while it is fine to present a countering viewpoint or disagree with your classmates and bloggers, discussion should always remain respectful and should be based on substantive material and facts rather than just your personal opinion. All comments should show respect for the opinions of others and attempt to build a constructive dialogue. Excessively inflammatory language should be avoided, and any derogatory statements based on an individual’s gender, age, race, religion, sexuality, disability etc. will not be tolerated.


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