Are Institutions the Reason For A Lack of Action? – Jeremiah Landin

The question of if the major powers are finding it hard to cooperate on international crises is tackled by David Banks and Michael Schroeder. While I do recognize most of their points as valid, I disagree with their conclusion that states are finding it hard to cooperate.

I would argue that there is an immense amount international action on the Ukranian issue by the major powers. Banks and Schroeder point to the silence of India and Brazil on the issue of Ukraine as a sign of a lack of leadership from these two countries on the international stage, however this perspective largely comes from a western point of view that the Ukrainian Government is the horse to bet on in this race. The silence of India and Brazil could come from two reasons. The first that their involvement in the BRICS prevents them from speaking against Russia, a friend for these upcoming major powers. The second reason could also be that these two countries view the Ukranian government that is currently in power as illegitimate. Their is still debate on the circumstance of which the most recent governmental change in Ukraine occured, and if the new government is the “best horse” for ensuring international stability in the region. If the latter is the case, then the silence of India and Brazil is more of a sign of leadership.


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