The World Bank: Working for China- Soo Jeon

After reading Behar’s article on the current state of the World Bank, the pattern of the system that runs this mega sized International Organization became transparent. Regardless of who the leaders were, the organization could not escape the pattern of making decisions and letting the organization run for the interests of their members and customers. Like Behar mentioned, the problems that led the World bank to govern their organization in a way that contradicts it’s focus of providing funds to POOR countries solely for development projects is multilayered.

However. The bigger issue here is that no matter what kind of change the leaders of the bank are trying to enforce, it comes back to the point that the World Bank is continuing to work for the interest of their customers. I don’t blame them for this because China borrows billions of dollars annually. nonetheless, because of the loyalty of China- its biggest customer (and other top costumers), the way they govern the organization adjusts to what it’s consumer wants. The bank even toned down its “corruption- fighting plan because of China’s threat. This is a clear interpretation of the reality of the World Bank right now and it is pretty ironic that an organization that cares so much about their reputation and image is running their company in this way.

The only way the World Bank can get out of this corrupt state is by thoroughly realizing that they are not in a lending business. They need to go back to the roots, and although decades late- they must build a system from the bottom up that deals with the structure of the organization and also one that will help the organization to stick to it’s value and motives for the future.


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