Development on a Global Scale – Karl Laubacher

The movement for massive initiatives to end global poverty is a new task the World Bank has been saddled with as of late, especially with the new development initiative of the Millennium Development Goals.  These eight goals are sweeping goals and changes that the UN would like to see all 124 nations which are being monitored for their progress on, to meet by 2015.  Each nation is tasked with working with the UN and the World Bank in order to reach these initiatives.  Its is a system of development “planning” which according to William Easterly is a way for outsider donors to set up development initiatives around the world ease.  The goals are already written out for the largest development agencies and leave clear, actionable goals when working to design loan programs to inspire development. 

The Millennium Development Goals make it much easier for larger development organizations to set goals and actions, and it shows.  Each UN partner organization has set goals and tasks of its own based on the Millennium Development goals.  This allows for groups to work together to a common goal to prevent projects from overlapping or canceling each others gains out.  This is shown in many public health initiatives, where rallying around goals has helped to give focus to the actions and allow for groups to work together. It has helped to lower the instances of certain diseases around the world, particularly malaria but, the goals have not been flexible to deal with the rise in non-communicable disease such as heart disease and diabetes.  In fact, the MDGs have been fairly effective in reaching some of the goals but, have lacked in many areas which are to be taken over by the new sustainable development goals coming in 2015.

Large Aid agencies would likely side with Sachs in terms of philosophy on how to best facilitate global development.  The large agencies that have signed on the Millennium Development Goals are asking for tremendous amount of donor support, which Sachs is also a champion of.  The goal of getting each nation to donation .7% of their budget to aid projects has long been a goal of both parties.  Both think that this is the tipping point amount which would allow for massive changes in the global poverty situation. Sachs’ Millennium Village Project is also something that large development agencies look to as model to implement all the of the goals they have signed onto in every small village on earth.


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