Lets Talk about Ebola

Lets face it, I’m sure some of us are just tired of talking about Ebola. We see it everywhere we go, every news channel, and even in TV shows. And by this point, I’m sure some of us are just sick of hearing about it. I can admit that my ears have gotten immune to all the talks of Ebola and how serious it is or becoming. However, after reading Garrett’s piece examining the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, I actually started to think deeply about this epidemic.

With the public showing so much attention about Ebola, I’m sure that the global health governance providers are even more aware of this epidemic because they are in the action itself. However, like Garrett’s analysis, the global health leaders seem to be doing the exact opposite of what they set out to do in the first place. The funds are not going to the right places, and although they may “think” giving cash is the most effective response to Ebola, it is completely wrong. Out of 4 African countries with 400,000 patients, The US center for disease control and prevention only has 12 people, and World Health Organization put out 120 people. Some of the biggest health care providers are putting out a number of doctors that is too small to even be considered helpful. Garrett also stresses that the world, including the health providers seem to undermine the seriousness of Ebola right now. Ebola is growing every day, and unlike other important issues in the world like ISIS or other political issues, today and tomorrow’s number is different for patients diagnosed with Ebola. It is an epidemic that needs to be dealt with immediately.

Garrett also argues that what is promised of these gigantic global health leaders are so far from the needs. The response is also too slow, and the world simply does not understand that it’s spreading too fast. US is taking doctors out of theses Ebola- infected countries because of the fear we have of them bringing it back to the US. Instead of being fearful of the disease international Health leaders must make serious and rapid action by investing these funds to take the sick patients into quarantine, treat as many of the patients as possible, and get more doctors out there to not only help with Ebola, but the other small diseases that might be leading to this huge epidemic. The time is now, and like Garrett stresses, its time for the global health leaders to give what they promised and start to realize the seriousness and the rapid growth of Ebola.


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