Is There Hope for International Organizations – Graham Koester

The presence of argument and debate within an International Organization, and the International Community in general can be constructive and destructive at the same time. Voicing one group’s concerns can help better the entire organization, but when you have every group in the organization trying to get their concerns solved while not giving any room for compromise it can be a large hindrance to progress. If the different sides would realize that they have common interests that can be solved together it would make the International Community and many International Organizations more efficient.

I would argue that an ominous sign for Global governance would be when we see one hegemonic power abusing its place in the system to force other states to conform with its will. As we saw in Bretton Woods, the United States had the upper hand and knew it. They used this to force other countries to sign on to their plan and accept the United States as the central financial country. These plans and actions throughout history always seem to back fire. International Organizations need to be wary of the law of unintended actions. You may think that you are doing what is best for the organization but in the end, the consequences may be much worse than the initial situation.

Another ominous sign is the backing out of the organization by smaller countries. These countries may not seem that important but when they are leaving the organization in droves it’s going to have major effects. When we look  at International Organizations that deal with global health and human rights, the smaller countries tend to be the ones with more issues related to these issues. The larger countries have no issue committing to these organizations because they already have very few issues in relation with the topic. It is the smaller countries that nobody seems to care about that have the major issues and potential to fix them. But the larger countries do not seem to care as much about them.

Hopeful signs for International Organizations and Global Governance is the recent growth in intermediaries who work to promote these International Organizations. We see NGOs working and protesting to bring global issues to International Organizations attention and make them realize that they are not issues facing just one country but all countries. We can look at Greenpeace and the work they do to lobby governments and organizations and make sure that the voiceless are heard, specifically the environment.


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