Economic World Order

Efficiency in international organizations would require every nation to uphold the same values. As this is not any where from true, efficiency would only give voice to the majority leaders/ largest donors producing short-term solutions. This is such in the case of Bretton Woods where the international community hesitantly approved an international economic organization based off the U.S. dollar as the global unit and backed by the gold standard. The Bretton Woods System later became a model for the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Less than 30 years after the ratification of Bretton Wood, President Nixon announced the “closing of the American ‘gold window.”

Debate over topics can ultimately lead to projects that stick around long term. However, finally coming to an agreement would take even longer than the program would be around. Environmental issues specifically rising sea levels are issues that almost all nations agree with. With the exceptions of China and India that are hesitant, the majority of the world is on board with environmental change. This is rare phenomenon that countries all understand that the environment is a priority. For countries such as Tuvalu that are quickly going under water, it has become their only issue. The best way to change global governance would be by ensuring in a committee to uphold select values that are nonnegotiable. Every nation would have the ability to select the very specific values that make up the committee or international organization. Though there would be much debate over the selected values, it would reduce debate further down the line. The US’ efficiency stems from the constitution where all of the values are listed and is a document citizens and lawmakers point back to. International Organizations need the same.


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