Climate Change: The Next Big Step

The world is slowly moving towards the point of no return when it comes to climate change. We have had protocols, treaties and meetings discussing the issue of climate change with no feasible solution being given for the near future to stem the tide of the inevitable disaster. While many of the moves that we need to implement to alleviate the effects of climate change are not necessarily feasible in the current political spectrum. Considering the divisiveness of the populace on the belief of climate change and the giant costs that, it would put on the country trying to implement the necessary tactics; it seems that we are doomed to live in a world where the climate becomes more unpredictable and harsh. This is where international organizations and its supporters come in and help. While the ideas of climate change are not relevant in the here and now, it will be very relevant in the near future. International Organizations will have to face the bulk of the responsibility as the world faces a crisis that will not be exclusive by nation. The WHO, the World Bank, the IMF and the UN will all have large roles in the coming years, as climate change will affect many of not all facets of the many different IOs that exist.

The climate change crisis may not seem immediately relevant with the plethora of events and crisis that are taking place around the world but in the coming years, real legislation and action must be taken to create a sustainable and stable environment in which to live with. Problems such as free riding, the prisoners dilemma, and other collective actions problems will need to be addressed so that actual change may happen. Growing economies such as China and India will have to start making sacrifices so as to actually make a difference in the fight against climate change, ideas that seem to be impossible at themoment. International Organizations, along with there National, Transnational and non-governmental supporters will have to play very large roles as the motivators and implementers of actual change. We will need to see a big shift in current (watered down) policy so as to see actual change. This means that we will need to actually make sizable cuts to our emissions, greater moves to sustainable (clean) fuels and other environment friendly projects. These goals will need to be spearheaded by international organizations worldwide so as to make and actual impact and cause change.


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