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Climate Change: The Next Big Step

The world is slowly moving towards the point of no return when it comes to climate change. We have had protocols, treaties and meetings discussing the issue of climate change with no feasible solution being given for the near future to stem the tide of the inevitable disaster. While many of the moves that we need to implement to alleviate the effects of climate change are not necessarily feasible in the current political spectrum. Continue reading Climate Change: The Next Big Step


The Two Washington’s Dilemma

In recent years, funding for international health governance has gone up along with the number of private enterprises that are now devoted solely to the prevention and curing of the world’s most common deceases.However, as funding has gone up it has become clear that there are two powerhouses that have the most control and sway over where funding is going to go. Continue reading The Two Washington’s Dilemma

Why a “League of Democracies” Would not be Better than the UN – Francisco Diaz

The League of Democracies is Jonah Goldberg‘s idea of a perfect international organization with infallible moralistic authority. An International Organization that is exclusive and only formed of countries that are “democratic, have a rule of law and respect individual liberties.” While the idea is worthy of some thought, the fact that he believes that it would be a suitable replacement for the UN does not take into account the great tool for international order the United Nations was created and has proven to be.

Continue reading Why a “League of Democracies” Would not be Better than the UN – Francisco Diaz


Major Powers have been hesitant to intervene, cooperate or even to show the same view points as other Major Powers when it comes to major international crises. This has been especially true in the cases of Ukraine and Syria. As international attention has been drawn to these locations in the last few years and especially in the last few months, we have seen several Major Powers propose many solutions to the issues, most if not all receiving very mixed responses. Major Powers are either fighting with each other over how this issue should be handled, while others are not even participating in the discussion. This leads me to believe that Major Powers are not just finding it hard to cooperate but that for some differentiation viewpoints were so distinct that cooperation was not even an option. Continue reading A CONFLICT OF INTERESTS – FRANCISCO DIAZ