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Is There Hope for International Organizations – Graham Koester

The presence of argument and debate within an International Organization, and the International Community in general can be constructive and destructive at the same time. Voicing one group’s concerns can help better the entire organization, but when you have every group in the organization trying to get their concerns solved while not giving any room for compromise it can be a large hindrance to progress. If the different sides would realize that they have common interests that can be solved together it would make the International Community and many International Organizations more efficient. Continue reading Is There Hope for International Organizations – Graham Koester


WHO and Others: How Their Fights for Global Health are Killing Us. – Graham Koester

There are many issues facing the new field of Global Health in the world today. There may be an increase in funding but there are even more organizations fighting for different causes and the dedications of funds to them. This brings about the question of who should have final say as to which cause gets the most attention. Should it be malaria, west Nile, diarrheal disease, diseases that can be prevented by vaccine or the more recent issue of ebola? There are also questions f whether to be spending more money on prevention or curing. With the issue of HIV/AIDS we seem to be stuck with trying to prevent due to patent laws on the life prolonging drugs and with ebola we still seem to be incapable of affording the necessary equipment in the necessary quantities. Continue reading WHO and Others: How Their Fights for Global Health are Killing Us. – Graham Koester

The One, The Only, European Union! – Graham Koester

The European Union is an international organization that is not only highly developed but also highly complex, almost to the point where it seems like some member states feel it is over reaching its role. As Hugo Dixon discussed in his article, several of the member states are concerned about which issues the EU chooses to deal with and which it chooses to save for later. ( )These states feel that the EU, recently, has been concerning itself with issues that are more national issues rather than the intergovernmental issues such as recovering from the recession felt by the entire EU. This being said, how likely does it seem that other regions around the world, with much different pasts, are going to form international organizations that are anywhere near as stable as the EU? Continue reading The One, The Only, European Union! – Graham Koester

Institutions: Anymore Effective Now? – Graham

Mearsheimer takes a very bleak stance on institutions in international institutions. He states in the opening of his article that his “central conclusion is that institutions have minimal influence on state behavior, and thus hold little promise for promoting stability in the post-Cold War world.” ( He spends the majority of his article showing how none of the institutionalist theories work in the real world for using institutions to prevent war and promote peace. He spends almost no part of the article trying to think of ways in which an institution might work. Continue reading Institutions: Anymore Effective Now? – Graham