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Globalization evaluates world’s egalitarianism

Globalization have changed the world. We can exchange the stories with the people from the opposite side of the world. Globalization also changed the way people think about International Institutions as context and norms of the global community have changed. Spread of egalitarianism with the system of democracy allowed countries to participate in the global politics. However countries became more of a ‘polity’ and it have put cooperation in risk as formation of polity enhanced contested globalization. The true system of democracy in international institutions have not been applied because some powerful countries has more power in the process of making agreements and less powerful countries’ interests have been undervalued or underrepresented.

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How do you want your earth? rare? medium or well-done?

Primary obstacle to establishing a more robust international institution to fight climate change can be found in both domestic and international field. Domestically, older generations who have more powerful political influence, but will not be alive when climate changes become detrimental, does not feel the need to pay the price for it. Internationally, countries does not want to risk their well-being and only follow their interest of economic growth instead of having a sustainable growth. Even though effective system of cooperation can be created by addressing the problem in both domestic and international roam,  international effort should be addressed first setting the paths for individual countries and collective international community, so that each countries can take care of their doproblems involving reduction of emission.

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Hurricane that drags people away from Their homes and culture

The conversation about how we, as an international community, should deal with internally displaced persons(IDPs). We are unsure about many issues; weather to categories them as refugee or not, where to place them or even how to go about solving this problem is controversial. However, we agree on the fact that emigrating those who are dislocated by climate change will cause conflicts between IDPs and habitants of that relocation area. problems when and that we need a guideline for future cases. To create fewer conflicts, relocation of environmentally dislocated people should be dealt with in the state rather than across states.

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The Third Wheel: Finding the Right Teeth – Jin Sol Park

On October 2013, the National Security Agency of the United States was blamed for intercepting more than 70 million phone calls in France between December 10, 2012 and January 8, 2013. In the process of consulting with France, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said “lots of countries engage in intelligence activities to try to prevent terrorist attacks. This might not sound like a sincere apology. It is an illegal activity that victim states should check on. But in short, major powers all do it and we all know that we do it. Victim States should act on it not solely because of the spying incident itself but also because of the gullible image that victim states will receive when failing to act on it. This is a result of Relative-gain consideration and concern about cheating.

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