Helpful Hints

Helpful hints for a successful blog post.

1. Titles and the first paragraph are important to draw readers’ attention. Be clever and descriptive with title. Be comprehensive and succinct in first paragraph. Have a strong closing paragraph.
2. Yes, blogs have a point of view, but your views have to be supported with evidence. Build an argument with facts. It is the quality of the logic and evidence in the analysis that make any piece of writing—blog or otherwise—persuasive. Avoid using an excessively authoritative tone (eg. “It is obvious that…” etc.)
3. Think small. Better to cover an idea fully than three ideas in a cursory way. You are writing a short (400-600 word essay) not a research paper. No tangents. If you think there are too many ideas in one post, save some for your next blog post.
4. A good blog post requires thinking to organize your thoughts and ensure coherence. Think before you write.
5. Evidence is hyperlinked rather than footnoted. Hyperlinks lead the reader to the source of a fact or idea that is not your own. Hyperlinks should be used to any source that is not directly from the reading list.
6. No slang or informal language.
7. Tags are important so that readers with similar interests can be drawn to your post.

Helpful hints for a successful comment?
1. Specifically addresses a key point in the original blog.
2. You can agree with blog post and add to the points. Or, you can disagree and offer contradictory evidence.
3. Always good to say something positive before offering criticism, to be polite as this is a class assignment. 🙂
4. Be professional. Don’t say “Hey Emma….”
5. Make your comment substantive. Don’t just say “Post was interesting, and gave me something to think about. Or, I liked that you said some important points…”
6. While you can add to the topic and not really address anything the post said, that’s a bit frustrating for the person receiving the comment since it’s really another blog post and not a COMMENT on the original post. Ideally, there will be an evident connection between your comment and the original post.


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